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Autonomous High-throughput Dissemination of Data Streams

The Funnel project focusses on the scalable dissemination of streams generated by sensors and other observational devices. Funnel is a content dissemination system that combines aspects of peer-to-peer systems with that of publish/subscribe to provide infrastructureless, high-throughput routing of data streams.

Unlike traditional publish/subscribe systems that require a dedicated middleware to perform the content dissemination, in Funnel the nodes (either producers or consumers) organize themselves into a topology that is then used for disseminating content. Unlike traditional P2P systems, the focus is on real-time, high-throughput routing of data streams between multiple producers and consumers in the system.

Funnel allows nodes to organize into different topologies to constitute a logical overlay. For each topology, once a steady state is reached, decisions at individual nodes allow preservation of the topology by maintaining the requisite local properties such as the degree, locality, and randomness in the connections initiated by a node.

In recent experiments, the Funnel overlay was able to achieve a cumulative throughput of 62 Gbps in a cluster of 78-nodes hosted on a 1 Gbps Ethernet.

  Project News

Release of Funnel software planned in March 2015.




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